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Restaurant LUXURY

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HOURS: Lunch from 12 m to 3:00 pm and for dinner from 7:00 pm to 12 pm.
This fine gourmet restaurant and luxurious high cusine, with its Elizabethan lamps, their porcelain vases and especially its roof style and  itsrenaissancedecorations, It will generally provide a varied menu that It will make you doubt to choose your preference Menu. It also offers dishes that have tasted the famous local celebrities who have visited in the course of its existence. Bon appétit.

Restaurant menu
Navarra Asparagus 2 sauces                                 9.00 CUC
Warm salad style shrimp Batabano                11.00 CUC   
Cocktail shrimp cocktail sauce                               9.00 CUC
Serrano ham with fruit Cuban                              12.00 CUC
Beef carpaccio with parmesan                                8.00 CUC
Aguiar Lobster with Salmon pineapple vinaigrette         12.00 CUC
Salad Nicoise                                                         7.50 CUC

Soups and creams
Tropical Gazpacho                                                     3.00 CUC
Seafood bisque                                                    7.00 CUC
Cuban Black Beans                                          4.00 CUC

chef Tip
Great Shrimp flamed Aguiar                              21.00 CUC

Fish and Seafood
National Lobster Hotel with almond sauce and Cuban rum        45.00 CUC
Lobster Thermidor                                                                  46.00 CUC
Shrimp enchiladas                                                               21.00 CUC
Shrimp Scampi                                                                    21.00 CUC
Algarabía sea (shrimp, lobster and fish) in creole sauce    23.00 CUC
Fish fillet and shrimp butter grille                        16.00 CUC                                               
Red and White Meat
Medallions of fillet stuffed ham and cheese               21.00 CUC
Mignon steak in mushroom sauce                                     20.00 CUC
Chateaubriand with Bearnaise sauce (2 people)                          40.00 CUC
Steak Tartare                                                                         20.00 CUC
Ropa Vieja with Moors and croutons                                             14.00 CUC
Lamb stew to mint                                           15.00 CUC
Slices of pork                                                            14.00 CUC
Supreme of chicken cacciatore                                                13.00 CUC

The fruit of the sea Penne                                                         13.00 CUC
Fusilli Alfredo sauce                                                      11.00 CUC
Pasta Napolitana                                                                 11.00 CUC

Selection of cheeses and nuts                                      7.00 CUC

FrutasTaganana salad with cheese sauce                      5.00 CUC
Orange tulips Coppelia ice cream and chantilly                 5.00 CUC
Suzzette crêpes (2 people)                                             12.00 CUC
Sweet to the three milks                                                        5.00 CUC
And guava cheese cake                                                   4.00 CUC
Chocolate mousse (or other flavors)                                5.00 CUC
Milk pudding with Malibu cream                                           4.00 CUC


  • AGUIAR RESTAURANT restaurant
  • Restaurante - Comedor Aguiar
  • Restaurante - Comedor Aguiar
  • Restaurante - Comedor Aguiar
  • Restaurante - Comedor Aguiar 3



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