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Cabaret Parisien New Year Eve 2018

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  • Cover + Coctel + Cena en el…

    10 in November on 2017

    65.00 $

    Cover + Coctel + Cena Aguiar +…

    10 in November on 2017

    Para una noche de gala disfrute de una excelente…

    55.00 $

  • 2018 Cover + Cocktail + Dinner at…

    10 in November on 2017

    For a gala evening enjoy fine dining in the…

    55.00 $

    New year eve 2018 ¨1930 ballroom¨

    24 in October on 2017 31 in Dicember on 2017

    hot entrees: Assiette shrimps with vinaigrette and honey

     main dish: filet medals at green pepper with duchess potatoes and fried vegetables   

    dessert: sicilian cassata with chocolat crests.


    basket of breads with butter 

    christmas basket with: nougats, dry fruits and goodies 

     12 lucky grapes 

     christmas cotillion with masks, glasses, hooters balloons, rattles and others. 


      1 mineral water

    1 beverage per person (mineral water, soda or beer)  

    1 wine bottle red every 2 persons 

    1 champagne bottle every 2 persons 

    1 rum bottle every 4 persons

    1 soda per person


    200.00 $


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