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Chrismas Offer Dinner Happy End 2017 Comedor Aguiar

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  • Cover + Coctel + Cena en el…

    10 in November on 2017

    65.00 $

    Cover + Coctel + Cena Aguiar +…

    10 in November on 2017

    Para una noche de gala disfrute de una excelente…

    55.00 $

  • 2018 Cover + Cocktail + Dinner at…

    10 in November on 2017

    For a gala evening enjoy fine dining in the…

    55.00 $

    New year eve 2018 ¨1930 ballroom¨

    24 in October on 2017 31 in Dicember on 2017


     Lobster terrina, shrimps and smoked salmon to the three sauces (rose, dutch and sauce of blue cheese)

     Main dishSirloin steak with mushrooms sauce or national hotel lobster in almonds sauce

     Dessert: Ice cream cake “aguiar ", with chocolate cream.


     basket of breads and butter 

    christmas basket with: nougats, dry fruits and goodies 


    12 lucky grapes 

    christmas cotillion with masks, glasses, hooters, balloons, rattles and others. 


      1 beverage per person (mineral water, soda or beer) 

    1 wine bottle (red or white) every 2 persons 

       It includes the entrance to the dancing party at 1930 ballrooom

     ( 10:00 pm) that will be livened up with musical groups.   it also includes:

      1 bottle of champagne every 2 persons 


    130.00 $


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