Cover + Cocktail + Dinner at Aguiar + 1 Drink 26 to 30 December

For a gala evening enjoy fine dining in the gourmet restaurant "The high Aguiar" in an atmosphere of luxury and service excellence. Top off the evening enjoying the Big Show "Cubano - Cubano" at the famed Cabaret Parisien. Merger of American Indian, Hispanic and African cultures that gave rise to the Cuban culture, musical magazine designed and staged by one of the best art directors of Cuba.

Restaurant menu "The high Aguiar" where shall be entitled to select a plate of each type.

Smoked  Salmon with Capers, Onion Rings and Tomate Sauce
Salad of Tuna, vegetables, Biled Potatoes, Eggs, Olives amd Vinagrette
Shrimps Cocktail with Russian Sauce

Main Course

Tendercoin with Red Wine sauce
Filet of Pork with Cuban dreissing
Grilled Chicken Supreme an Tarragune
Grilled Filet of Fish with Mash Potatoes and Salted Vegetables


Tropical Ice Cream
Chocolate Mousse
Caramel  Custard
Bread  and  Butter

This Dinner incluye done berverage
a Water, a beer, a Sofá Drink, or Glases of Wine

Special Ofert enjoy Cuban Naights.