Cover + Cocktail + Dinner + 1 Drink Cabaret Parisien

PARISIEN CABARET with a welcome cocktail and Dinner included.
With a music show "Cuban ... Cuban" , by one of the best artistic directors, showing the origins of the actual Cuban music. That begins with our first settlers, the Spanish and African slavery, magical blend that became to the "Son", "Rumba", "Mambo",  "Cha cha cha" and many other musical styles.

The offer includes:

Cabaret Parisien Show

Welcome cocktail

Elegant Dinner in the Cabaret

Smoked Salmon with Olives and Capers
Spanish Ham, Cheese and Olives
Nicoise: Salad of Tuna with vegetables

Main Plate:
Special beef or Fish fillet

Caramel  Custard

Bread  and  Butter

1 Drink
Water, beer,  Soft Drink, fruit juice or Cup of Wine.