Our hotel has more than 20 years of experience making weddings, we have a complete package, with all services guaranteed, from the ceremony to the party.
For those who like an outdoor bridal ceremony, a perfect place is the hotel gardens, with a formidable view of the sea and the entrance of the Habanera Bay, there we offer a toast to the guests immediately after the Bridal Ceremony ends.
Not only the Ceremony is performed in the Gardens, it is always done with a rental in a room to hold the party (Sala Vedado or Room 1930)
In the room where the party will take place, they are located at the tables and welcome the bride and groom. They are offered a Dinner that includes 2 liquids, which can be Water, Beer, Refreshment, Juice, Wine or Cuban Cocktail.
At the end of it opens an open bar during the rest of the party, which can be of domestic drinks: red or white wine of the house, beers, rum cocktails, fruit juices, soft drinks and mineral waters. o International Drinks: in addition to the aforementioned, it carries Whiskey, Brandy, Tequila, Vodka

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